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The Aboriginals of Australia say that the white-fella often misses the true beauty of what he or she sees as we snap away unthinkingly at everything in our path.  This is in many ways true (and the reason I didn't take any photos while I was walking around the base of Uluru), but on the other hand photography is another great outlet for creativity, especially since everything went digital. 
Most of my pictures are taken with a simple 35mm camera, some from close to home and some taken on my more far flung travels, although recently I have been introduced to my girlfriend's Canon EOS 30D.  Basically though, whatever machine you're using, getting to know the limits of your camera is perhaps the most important thing, otherwise that 'perfect shot' will often fall short of your expectations and trust me, I'm speaking from a lot of experience there - I've disappointed myself many, many times!  Other than that it's really just a case of being ready for the picture when you come across it.
I still have lots of pictures yet to be put into digital format, but included here is a tiny taster...