Stephen Brown comes from the Year of the Tiger, back in the 70's, an Englishman by birth.  His main profession is as a horse trainer, working chiefly with arabians, but he also spends a large portion of his time either backpacking around the far-flung countries of the world or else creating something out of these experiences.

Along with writing, painting and wood-carving he also performs massage and is a Reiki master, offering healing and initiations whenever required or desired. Spiritually minded without being tied to any particular religion or dogma, he has travelled to and lived in exotic countries since the tender age of six and intends to carry on doing this for as long as is humanly possibly.  Right now his exotic country of choice is… Belgium???

The reason for being there these last few years?  Well... he don't really know, but there must be something!!  It can’t be the weather or the beaches, so maybe it's the 'Broodautomaats' - or his desire to teach all Flemish peoples where to find the space bar on a computer keyboard...

There must be a woman involved; that's the only possible explanation.

He confesses to being deeply interested in indigenous cultures from all over the world and draws influences from as many alternative outlooks and perspectives on life as possible.  He has written three novels to date, along with numerous short stories, hundreds of poems, songs and haiku and looks forward to keep on coming up with more, more and more!  He is witty, charming, highly intelligent and available for hire in all (good) shops.

“Actually, I am very, very interesting...”