19/01/20 - I've been a long time away, but while I've been gone... Dark Side Hydroponics is now available as a paperback (and very nice it looks too!), and I can also announce the 8th in my poetry series Moments in Rhyme is now also for sale in all the usual ebook formats.

07/10/18 -
Dark Side Hydroponics, the first in my sci-fi cop 'iCEman' series is now available as an ebook - paperback version will follow. If you want a fast-paced, futuristic police procedural with a bit of comic-book humour, get a copy today!

02/06/17 -
Confucious is back with a couple of tit-bits. Wise words as always from the Fluffy Master.

02/03/17 -
Oh man. I've been so bogged down ploughing through with my next big novel I haven't been on here for A G E S! Sorry. What can I tell you? The novel: it's another fantasy epic set in the same world as The Greater Good and 'Shadows', this one involving orcs, dwarfs, war, trade, treachery, a brotherhood of knights, desparation, an evil necromancer and so much more! But I've a way to go yet, so hang on in there. In the meantime I've published another anthology of poems, Back Home Where I've Never Been, and just a few days ago another little short story that fans of 'Ghee' will especially enjoy. All the links are up on the Novels and Poems pages respectively. Enjoy!

24/03/2016 -
In response to the attacks in Brusels Airport the other day I've published a short story with a thought-provoking, topical theme. 100% of author proceeds will go to the Rode Kruis in Belgium. See Novels page for direct links, otherwise head to your favourite Ebook store.

20/02/16 -
In consultation with the wise one himself, the layout of the Confucious page has been altered and, to coincide with this, Confucious has given us some new words of wisdom on the subject of 'Change'. Enjoy. Also, the first three of my poetry anthologies are now available via Smashwords (and therefore Apple, Kobe etc etc). The others will follow shortly, with a continuation of collections on the horizon.

07/02/2016 -
The new ebook thriller novella 'The Night of the Fuath' is now available to download! Find the link on the Novels page.

26/12/2015 -
After another long editing process, the paperback of The Greater Good is now available, ready for sale! Go to Novels for direct links - and enjoy!
New titles expected next year include a celtic horror novella provisionallly entitled 'The Night of the Fuath' as well as several new poetry anthologies. Hopefully more of course - watch this space!

- Stalking the Shadows Announcement! - Ok, it's been available for a while now, but you can download this FREE novella through the link on the Novels page as of today. Hoorah!! Set in the town of Werpenstad, this is the first eight chapters of The Greater Good, set down here in as a standalone novella - if you like what you read, the rest of the tale is only a click away in The Greater Good!

16/07/2015 -
Finally - FINALLY - The Greater Good is published! It's only about a year later than my original deadline, but what's 12 months between friends? I'm pretending to be like George R.R. Martin! As yet it's only available as an ebook, but the paperback will be coming soon. Check my Novels page for details of how to get your hands on a copy!

03/05/2015 -
Now available as an ebook, my new novella Agilka, the story of the 2032 Shackleton Mission, the follow-up to the Rosetta space mission of 2014. Finally, the definitive proof - we are not alone... See Novels page to download!

16/12/2014 -
Ok, just to clear up a couple of things - for the paperback version of my novels, if you are living in the US or Canada the best way to get them is through the link labelled 'US' (pretty self-explanatory), but if you live anywhere else in the world then as far as I can make out amazon.co.uk is your best bet. You can try your 'local' Amazon site (.jp, .ca, .de etc) too of course, but they may go through the UK site anyway, so it's up to you. The reason for this small complication is that as far as I can make out, Amazon only prints in the US or UK, so until I move onto the next stage of creating my world-conquering publishing empire (don't hold your breath just yet!) this'll have to do for now. If you have any difficulties in ordering or you find the P&P charges too high for where you live, mail me (see the 'Contact' section) and let me know - I'm sure we'll be able to figure something out. Enjoy xx

15/12/2014 -
I'm back! It's been more than a year since I did anything on the site (for a variety of reasons, but mainly down to my own incompetance), but I'm finally here again. So, what have I been up to? Working long and hard on my next book of course, the first in a fantasy series set in an as yet unnamed world. It's a murder-mystery-fantasy-action-suspense and is just in the reviewing stage now, so I'm hoping that it will be out early in 2015! And then it'll be on with this next one! I've also penned a quick Western short story and am almost done with a Sci-fi-horror short based on the ESA's recent Rosetta mission to land on comet 67P! Sounds interesting? Watch this space - and I promise it won't be another year before I'm back on line!

- Confucious confusion! Just discovered that Confuciousí Blog has been missing, as was the Great Master himself for a time! Fortunately he is now back and is just licking his paws preparatory to dishing up another great pearl of wisdom!

22/11/2013 - SUPER SALE! Running now right up until the 24th of December, you can now order my three Novels at 50% each! Follow the links from the Novels page and when at the check out simply type out the appropriate code
Bread: MV33K
McRoots: BS88F
Corazon: UD35N
Think Holidays! Think Gifts! (Think poor, starving artists, struggling to rub two pennies together...!) Ho ho ho!

20/11/2013 - Click on the Haiku tab to read the 2nd set of Postcard Messages

17/08/2013 - Corazon now available in Paperback. See Novels for the link!

13/08/2013 - The Way of Ghee, a short story is now available FREE to download on Smashwords. Check the Novels section for the link. It would be about 30 pages long, if it were a conventional book. Enjoy and please, as with all of the books, if you would Review them after you have read them it only takes two minutes... 

02/07/2013 - Smashwords super sale - for July only get 50% off my books! Go to  https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/thestephenbrown
Don't forget to add the code SSW50 at the check out. Go on, treat yourselves!

18/06/2013 - McRoots also available on Smashwords. Hurrah!  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/327390

14/06/2013 - Bread now available on Smashwords.com. This should give me better distribution which means it should be easier to get a hold of. I'm always thinking
of others, me...  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/326935

11/06/2013 - FINALLY!!!  Corazon is now finished, done, complete!  Only about seven months behind schedule, so never mind eh? An extract will be available shortly...
Head to Novels  to take a look

16/03/2013  Postcard Messages, an on-going little project has now been added to the Haiku section.

17/02/2013 - Officially shifted my website to this new address.  Built by Jutta Kools, Iím superbly happy with it.  Hope you like it too and check her site out in Links

07/11/2012 - Published today, On the Road Again, the sixth in my collection of poems.  Download it now, once again from the link in the Poems/Songs section.
Please note - I'm having some technical problems with my site, so please bear with me if the info is not updated on the relevant pages, colours and pictures are different, etc etc...  I'm looking at getting a new website, as this is just not good enough.  There is plenty of new stuff to come on, but I can't seem to do it.  Not to worry; it will be ironed out soon!

09/10/2012 - I know I haven't added much in the way of Haiku and Songs, but please bear with me - so, so busy!  I will get around to it, but if you're especially interested in these (or anything else) please do let me know  via email (my address can be found in 'Contact' section).  I'm also on Facebook, but how do I put a link there...?  Don't know!  Have a look around - you'll find me!

08/10/12 - Those Distant Shores, my fifth anthology is published on amazon as an e-book. Details in the Poems/Songs section as usual.

- And a few more paintings...

06/09/12 - A few more paintings added, just in case anyone thought I'd stopped...

04/09/12 - McRoots is NOW available as a paperback - go to the Novels section for a direct link!

31/08/12 - Things have been slow on the website, with Jutta being in hospital, moving the horses, building haybarns, trips to Wembley, this, that and the other - BUT hopefully things will start moving again now.  The paperback version of McRoots is almost ready and I'm going to reshuffle my poem collections about a bit to make the chronological order flow a little more smoothly.  And has anyone seen Confucious?  It must be nearly time for more of his timeless words...  Thanks for your patience and watch this space

14/07/12 - Finally, two months later than expected, McRoots is now available as a download!  Go to the Novels section for more details!  Click on the McRoots cover to read a massive extract!

08/07/12 - More words of wisdom from our resident Guru, Confucious the Cat

27/05/12 - The first Lambermontmatre Art market of the year.  Another lovely day in front of the Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp.  Two pictures sold...

09/05/12 - After nearly two months of silence Confucious is back!  Read his views on an ever-popular, ancient meditative technique.

28/04/12 - Outback Dreaming is now complete and for sale. As usual, read a sample and get the details in the Poems/Songs section and order today!

16/03/12 - Confucious talks about Newton, one of the greatest brains Humanity has ever produced. 

05/03/12 - The wise one has given more meeuwsings from his haybarn.  Confucious talks about a quite touchy subject this time...

29/02/12 - Lizard of Oz is now available for sale! Check the Poems/Songs section for details

28/02/12 - After a weekend spent uprooting and replanting a cherry tree and then pulling a friend's house down, I took the chance to visit Confucious again and wrote down everything he said on his blog.

23/02/12 - Been busy redrafting McRoots and also making the final cut for The Lizard of Oz.  The new website for Jutta Kools photography got added to Links - it's a beautiful site!

16/02/12 - Many thanks to our resident Guru, Confucious the Cat, who has graced the day with another piece of priceless wisdom.  He has even given a simple technique we can practice every day to help keep our lives bright and colourful!  Check out the Wise One's blog to read his words...

15/02/12 - Ok, that's Confucious' blog back where it was at least - he was none too happy about having his words of wisdom wiped out like that.  He didn't say anything of course, but the way he flicked his whiskers at me this morning spoke volumes!

Still got a few things to do to get things back to the way they were, but in the mean time... Mengeling is now online and for sale, together (for those of you just visiting the site) with Songs from a Wooden House and Bread - the latter now available as either a paperback or a download!  For instructions on how to download books onto a PC - if you're not a kindle or i-something user, see the Novels or Poems/Songs page.

14/02/12 - I broke it!  Or someone did.  Damn it all, but I lost quite a bit of my website for some reason over the weekend.  Did I delete everything by accident or was there some server error?  Either is equally possible, but I honestly believe it wasn't me!  Net result's the same though.  Bear with me while I try and put everything back on...