There is more to Life than flesh and blood.  Currents and tides of different frequencies and vibrations flow unseen around us at every moment.  These were accepted by more ancient cultures, but are shunned and forgotten about in the scientific-minded societies of today.  Drawing on influences from the many indigenous peoples and cultures I have been lucky enough to experience from my travels, in these paintings I try to show something of the energies or Spirits that are intricately wound around the more familiar  World we all live in from day to day.
Dervish   -   acrylic on paper
Dersert Caravan   -   acrylics, tea and ink on paper
Dhows at Dawn on a Perfumed Sea   -   watercolours on paper
Kalkadoon Dreaming   -   acrylics on card
Mimis   -   acrylic on manila paper
Spirit of Spring   -   acrylics on canvas
Spirits of Summer   -   acrylics on canvas
Spirits of Autumn   -   acrylics on canvas
Spirits of Winter   -   acrylics on canvas
Catalysta   -   acrylics on canvas
Mournful Desert   -   pastels on paper
Outback Dream   -   acrylics on paper