Dancing is something that followed Humanity down from the Trees.  When performed free and uninhibited it is uplifting and beautiful.  As long as the music's playing it can help you disappear from the troubles and concerns of everyday life.  The pleasure to be had from really letting yourself go, joining with the beats and the rhythms, becoming one with the Melody is simply like nothing else...
Dancing to Different Tunes   -   pastels on paper
Alors en Danse   -   ink on paper
Celebrating the Rains   -   acrylic on canvas
Boogie Woogie   -   ink on paper
Dawn Chills   -   acrylics on canvas
Hup-la!   -   ink on paper
Hands in the Air   -   ink on paper
Kick   -   ink on paper
Krystals   -   pastels on paper
Longing   -   ink on paper
Melting   -   pastels on canvas
Pairing Up   -   ink on paper
Tune In   -   Watercolour & ink on paper
Song of Life   -   charcoal pencil on paper
Woodwind   -   pastels on paper
Synchronicity   -   ink on paper
The Pipers   -   ink on paper