An assassination attempt on the Burghermeister of Werpenstad sets in motion a
disastrous chain of events that threatens to engulf the entire Stad in a horrifying wave of
blood and violence.

As rumours of inhuman monsters and the tell-tale signs of a bloodthirsty cult
emerge, Vice-mayor Karl Kreigel is left but one option - to send for the Jaegers of the Holy

When they arrive however, the Stad is plunged into a living nightmare as their brutal
practices threaten to tear the city apart. Forced to tread a dangerous tightrope between
cooperating with the Jaegers and reining in the worst of their excesses, Karl must also
somehow attempt to uncover the roots of the sinister Cult of the Half Tail, whose tendrils
appear to grow disturbingly close to home.

With events fast spiralling out of his control, Karl knows he is in a race against time
not only to catch the assassin and root out the insidious cult, but also to stop the insanely-
dangerous Jaegers from pulling his Stad apart, or else burning it to the ground...
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ISBN: 978 1515 105 732
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