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Welcome, wilkommen, bienvenue!  This is the website of "the Da Vinci of our times," the unrecognised   (and amazingly modest) genius, Stephen Brown.

Wow!  Excited?  You should be!
Creativity.  Everybody has a store of creative energy inside them.  Some a bit less, some a bit more, but it is present in everyone.  These days it is often lost or totally forgotten, being buried beneath the avalanche of modern-day living, with our busy-busy, rushing about life-styles, trying to cram everything into an already tightly-packed day.  We amuse ourselves with ready-made entertainment: the TV, amazingly detailed computer games or whatever - even our artwork can be bought en masse - from Ikea of all places! (For any lawyers reading this, I love Ikea and everything they do...)

However, creativity is a vital piece of who we are, a form of expression which, for many people, is simply going… unexpressed.  It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece; it doesn’t even have to be ‘Art’ - the creative spirit can be channelled into any activity, from cooking the evening meal to cutting the grass in the garden.  If you enter into anything with even a tiny amount of creative enthusiasm you will be amazed at the difference it makes!

Don’t get frustrated or disappointed if whatever you are doing doesn’t come out exactly the way you envisioned - the important thing is that you turned on the tap and let that energy flow.  And that energy is infectious and addictive…

On this website you will find some of the ways I choose to give my creativity its outlet; if you are interested in anything you find - either to talk about or to buy (yes, everything is for sale!) - then please follow the links or see the 'Contacts' section for how to get in touch - and please do.  And for now, enjoy and get creative!

The Da Vinci comparison is mine by the way - well, I can write backwards...

Have fun